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Riese & Müller Charger Mixte Vario Perf. CX White 46cm 625wh Kiox
Keep a low profile. The Charger distinguishes itself from the pack with it’s rugged good looks and clean design lines, uncluttered by cables going everywhere or obvious battery packs like you might see on less integrated eBikes. Sporty The Charger series cockpit is stretched out about an inch over what you would see on the Delite, so a slightly more aggressive, aerodynamic position. Add knobby tires for off road adventures. Comfort & Performance - using the lower air pressure Super Moto-X tires you will hold the road snugly with increased traction from the larger contact patch - the large capacity tires also act like a shock absorber to soak up cracks and bumps in the road, You can pump them up for street speed, or lower for more grip on looser terrain. Lots of extras like the 150 lux Busch & Muller IQ-X front light, brake actuated tail lights on 28mph models, ABUS Bordo Lock keyed to the battery, Racktime compatible rack.
Riese & Müller Delite Rohloff Perf. Speed Grey 56cm 625wh Nyon
This is it - no compromises. Riese & Muller has brought together the apex of eBike technology options with the Delite - dual suspension, internal gears, belt drive and Rohloff E-14 with auto downshift. The belt option uses a unique tensioner - unheard of on a dual suspension eBike - to allow the use of a super clean low maintenance belt and easy to operate . It goes on. Normally on a dual suspension bike, cargo carrying capacity is very limited due to the nature of a rear suspension frame - the rear triangle needs to pivot. If you have a bad ass eBike that can go 100 miles on a charge, you will probably want to take some gear with you on your super commute or bike packing trip. So the Delite cantilevers a sturdy 44 lbs capacity rear carrier out over the rear wheel to carry big loads if you want. Other extras include rattle free fenders, integrated lights and keyed alike folding lock.
Riese & Müller Multicharger Rohloff Perf. Speed Grey/Curry 49cm 1125wh Nyon Passenger kit
This sturdy mid-tail looks similar to the popular long-tail family eBikes but isn’t actually longer than the Charger, and handles like it too - so the MultiCharger can expertly serve multiple roles - commuter, adventure, family, cargo. - All Aboard - with both sport and utility! - Two child seats on the Yepp ready rear rack - Passenger (with handlebars & footpegs) or cargo, up to 125 lbs. - Mount a Front Basket to carry another 11 lbs of stuff - Easier Mounting Step through Mixte frame option - Best in Class Bosch Performance Drive choices Hill Crushing Performance CX 20mph 85Nm Torque Speed Focused Performance 28mph 85Nm Torque - Gates CDX Belt Drive is silent, smooth, and virtually maintenance-free - Awesome range100+ mile (1150wh with addition Dual battery ) - Choose from three different gearing options - Easy to use internal gear smooth continuously variable - - Nuvinci with a clean & quiet Belt drive - Rohloff Speedhub features a 526% gear range, electronic shifting, and automatic downshifting Forward riding position for sportier, aerodynamic performance - Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Suspension Seatpost for an extra-cushy ride - Always-on RearStop Brake Light helps you safely signal stops - Integrated Abus Wheel Lock, keyed-alike with the battery
Riese & Müller SuperDelite Rohloff Perf. Speed Tundra 56cm 1250wh Nyon w/ frt rack
Power for long rides, comfortable riding enjoyment and state-of-the-art safety technology – the Superdelite is the E-Bike that lets you undertake much more than everyday riding. Its full-suspension Control Technology chassis coupled with a battery capacity of 1,125 Wh and the Bosch Performance Line CX or Speed motor take you wherever you want to go.
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