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Riese & Müller Load 60 Vario Perf. Red 500wh Purion 2 kids, high sidewalls with hard cover

Riese & Müller Load 60 Vario Perf. Red 500wh Purion 2 kids, high sidewalls with hard cover
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The Wold’s Best Frontloader can be quickly adjusted between a forward and more upright riding stance, or anywhere in between using the quick adjustable stem and seat height to accommodate any sized rider & for sharing Even larger kids and small adults can fit in the front because of the unique footwell - legs aren’t bunched up uncomfortably. Another standout feature is dual suspension - with total loaded weights of 440lbs+ on a rigid frame, potholes and bumps will leave a bad impression on both passengers and pilot - where the load just glides over rough terrain - it handles better when loaded up!

Front loaders rule for family time on the road - having kids up front (rather than in back like many family bikes) means a sense of more security & intimacy, Front loaders are longer, so a limited turning radius, and a wide but manageable front compartment that still fits through tight spaces in traffic. Riese & Muller stands out from the pack of boxier/bucket front loaders is that the can fit much shorter pilots with its low step over cockpit (but still a stiff frame), and how well it handles fully loaded.

Integrated Busch & Müller lights front & rear - the front light is smartly on the fork so it tracks into your turns, significant on such a long bike. The speed versions include brake activated tail lights and a horn. It also has a wide center stand that's easy to deploy, stable when extended - a critical feature in any cargo bike - and it doesn't scrape when cornering.

Riese & Müller

Part Numbers

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