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Specialized Eliminator Control 2Bliss Ready 29-inch

Specialized Eliminator Control 2Bliss Ready 29-inch
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The Eliminator CONTROL 2Bliss Ready tire features a new generation of tread that combines an aggressive block design with a well-balanced tread pattern. Its transition knobs help bridge the traditional channel between center and shoulder knobs, making the Eliminator perfect for enduro where versatility is key. The Eliminator still has the bite of a DH tire but also brings good manners to handle well on hardpacked trails. These characteristics also work well for trail e-bikes, combining the bite needed to stay in control on the trail with neutral handling on fire roads.

- Folding bead, 2Bliss Ready
- Pressure: 25 – 50psi
- Casing: 60 TPI
- Compound: GRIPTON
- Approximate weight: 820g