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Kryptonite Exchange & Replacement Program


Kryptonite has annouced an
exchange policy for ALL
tubular key locks. However, 
Kryptonite is currently only exchanging locks directly.
If you need your lock daily,
think about exchanging it for an OnGuard flat key lock.

U-Lock Vulnerability Discovered - Please exchange your lock ASAP. Free Exchanges with proof of purchase for Kryptonite Evolution Locks* .

Kryptonite announces sweeping exchange plan! News of Kryptonite locks being easily picked has hit the mainstream media like the Washington Post, CNN, and New York Times after spreading through biker chat rooms and newsgroups like wildfire in September 2004. Video clips showing people quickly opening Kyrptonite U-locks with Bic pens have been downloaded over 500,000 times since then. Kryptonite is backing their product, and will be coming out with an even stronger lock in the spring. As soon as the new Kryptonite locks are available, we will probably have them for exchange. City Bikes wants to MAKE SURE YOUR BIKE IS NOT STOLEN, so we are making a limited time offer to protect our customers. We carry a full line of locks that use an entirely different flat key, which is much more pick-resistant, and entirely resistant to picking with a pen - OnGuard brand locks. We take your bike security and loyalty very seriously, so we are making the transition as easy and affordable as we possibly can.


City Bikes has pulled all locks that can be defeated using this method from our shelves. We offer free exchanges* to all customers who bought their lock at City Bikes, and discounted upgrades to anyone owning a vulnerable lock, even if the lock was purchased elsewhere.

OnGuard uses a different key mechanism than Kryptonite style locks - based on a european style flat key.  OnGuard has over 25 years of experience providing proven security solutions around the globe. Under the Magnum brand they are the leading lock company in Europe. These locks are proven in places like Amsterdam... notorious for bike thefts (your average Amsterdam hardened bike thief makes the crooks in NY look like amateurs). They are so confident in the lock that they offer up to a $3000 replacement cost if the lock fails and your bike is stolen.

We didn't take OnGuard on their word - we tested all the major locks in our own prying type attack hydraulic test jig. While Kryptonite’s premium locks are good, OnGuard’s Brute lock was so tough it broke the testing jig, and is at least 75% stronger than the best Kryptonite U-lock. Combine those results with a very different lock mechanism that is highly pick resistant, and you have a lock that you can really count on. OnGuard Locks

*Free replacement OnGuard flat key lock for Kryptonite lock purchasers*.


If you bought a Kryptonite Evolution or New York (tubular style key) lock from City Bikes, come in for a free flat key replacement lock (OnGuard Dynamite.) If you have a receipt, or we can find a record of your purchase in our database, simply exchange your lock with keys. You can upgrade to the tougher OnGuard Ultimate for $10, or $15 for the super secure OnGuard Brute.


If you bought a Kryptonite Kryptolock lock, or any other tubular style key lock from us in the last year (proof of purchase required), come in for a free flat key replacement lock (OnGuard Dynamite.) If your purchase was older than 1 year, upgrade for $10. You can also upgrade to the Ultimate for $15, or $20 for the Brute.  


For Evolution locks (or any other Kryptonite tubular key lock) purchased elsewhere: We will discount the price with exchange of your old Kryptonite lock - $10 off Dynamite, $15 off for Ultimate, or $20 off for Brute. Non-Kryptonite locks purchased elsewhere do not qualify for discount.


 *Some restrictions apply - proof of purchase required - subject to availability - terms subject to change without notice - Freebie applies to OnGuard Bulldog or Dynamite lock - any exchange offer for a OnGuard lock disqualifies exchanger from any kryptonite offer.
Here is what you will get if you email Kryptonite about their exchange policy. Although no details on distribution through bike shops have been made public, it is expected to happen, and City Bikes will participate. If you don't need your lock daily, it may make sense to wait till we get the new crossbars and locks to do your exchange. Or swap for an OnGuard and/or supplement your U-lock with a flat key cable lock in the meantime. 
Thank you for contacting Kryptonite. We expect locks to begin shipping in mid-October.

If you have a Kryptonite lock that has a tubular cylinder (a round key cylinder) you are eligible for a Kryptonite non-tubular cylinder lock exchange. The steps you take to participate in the exchange are:

1. Provide the information listed below to Kryptonite.
2. Return your current tubular cylinder Kryptonite lock to us (postage paid).
3. Kryptonite will send you your new lock.

Please provide the following information:

Street Address:
Zip Code/Postal Code:
Daytime phone number:
E-mail address:

How many locks with tubular cylinders will you be exchanging?
What lock model(s) do you own (examples: Evolution 2000, Kryptolok, Gorgon)?
What is/are your tubular key number(s), (which are stamped on your keys)?

Please send this information:
By e-mail to:
By fax to: 781-821-0780
By mail to: Kryptonite Lock Exchange, 437 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021.

Waiting for Kryptonite to recieve your lock: Once we receive the above information, we will contact you with specific details as to how to return your Kryptonite lock (postage paid). Upon receipt of your tubular cylinder Kryptonite lock, we will send to you a replacement Kryptonite non-tubular cylinder lock free of charge. Replacement locks will be sent beginning mid-October on a first come, first served basis, based on product availability.
Not waiting: As locks become available, we will send you a UPS postage paid label by e-mailor mail. Once you receive that label you can call us at 800-729-5625 with your credit card information and we will send out your new lock. We will not charge your credit card unless we do not receive your old lock back within 21 days of shipping your replacement. If you do not return your lock within 21 days, your credit card will be charged the retail price for that lock. Your credit card information will be destroyed upon receipt of your old lock and keys.

If you have questions, please contact Kryptonite Customer Service at 1-800-729-5625 (United States & Canada) or 001-781-828-6655 (outside of the United States).  If you have questions, please send an email to

This problem is not limited to Kryptonite. Here are a list of tubular key locks that have been reported to be vulnerable to pen picking (City Bikes has only tested Kryptonite locks.) Our advice is to consider ALL tubular key locks vulnerable, unless proven otherwise.

YSE#### keycode (series keys 5130 and 5140)
KK ##### keycode
Kryptonite Evolution 2000 (full size)
kryptonite Evolution 2000 mini
Trek Kryptonite
Master U lock
EV disc lock
Yellow EV2000 disc key series KK####.
Kryptonite CDC, Key number is 5XXX, early 90's
"Schwinn"-labeled U-lock
NBA#### keycode (only 1 person was successful in opening this lock, @5 others couldn't)
Kryptonite 2000
Kryptonite Mini Evo 2000
YSE Mini
NY EV Disc lock
Evo 2000 Mini LS
Kryptonite "MegaDefender"
KryptoLok Plus
Kryptolok by Kryptonite key NBA 5122
"ACE II" on lock clynder face (picked by one person and it was difficult)
MASTER brand street cuff
AVENIR small u-lock (similar to the Krypto NYC chain Lock)
SuperCycle(Canadian Tire) U-lock
Kryptionite "Hard Wire" cable lock
Bike-Guard U-lock
Master Lock pro-sport U-lock
"Ming Tay" lock

Kryptonite has announced it will provide free product exchanges for ALL locks, and will begin shipping mid October, although it is still unclear exacty how and when these exchanges will take place. Either way, City Bikes wants to make sure you are protected. Here are the details of Kryptonite's announcement (updates will be posted here):

"Canton, MA September 22, 2004 – Kryptonite today announced that the company is offering free product exchanges to all consumers who are concerned about the security of their current Kryptonite tubular cylinder locks. At no charge to them, consumers will be able to exchange their current Kryptonite tubular cylinder lock for a Kryptonite non-tubular cylinder lock. Kryptonite will begin exchanging products within a few weeks as it accelerates product availability.

“At Kryptonite, we understand the responsibility that comes with being the market leader. Since we learned last week about the possibility of compromising some of the industry’s tubular cylinder locks, we have been working diligently to devise the best and most responsible solution to address the concerns of consumers and to meet the needs of our distributors and retailers,” said Steve Down, General Manager of Kryptonite. “We decided to simplify and expand our planned product upgrade program so that we could expedite the process for consumers and eliminate any lingering doubt in their minds about their locks. Standing by our customers is the responsible thing to do for those who rely on our security products to keep their valuables safe.”

Kryptonite is offering a free product exchange to consumers who currently have Kryptonite locks using tubular cylinders. To participate in the free product exchange offer, consumers can visit the company’s Web site at for registration instructions. As part of this effort, Kryptonite will initiate a swap program through direct communication with all of its distributors and retailers.

Mr. Down concluded, “At Kryptonite, we constantly remind ourselves of our responsibility to lead and offer solutions – not excuses – that strengthen Kryptonite’s relationships with consumers and channel partners. By instituting the most comprehensive program possible, we believe our company has again taken the lead in providing unprecedented customer support and service.”

OnGuard Price List MSRP
Brute Mini 49.99
Brute Mini LS 54.99
Brute Std 59.99
Brute LS 54.99
Brute ATB 64.99
Brute Padlock 49.99
Ultimate Mini 44.99
Ultimate Mini DoubleTeam 49.99
Ultimate Mini LS 44.99
Ultimate Std 44.99
Ultimate ATB 48.99
Ultimate LS 49.99
Ultimate DoubleTeam 54.99
Dynamite Std 29.99
Dynamite LS 34.99
Dynamite ATB 34.99
Dynamite DoubleTeam 39.99
Beast Chain & Padlock 107x12mm 84.99
Beast Chain & Padlock 160x12mm 119.99
Beast Chain & Padlock 107x10mm 79.99